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An Afternoon with the Brege Family

I recently got to spend some time with the Brege family. I met Cary through a mutual friend of ours and we found a great connection over photography, as well as the connection of raising two young boys and their endless energy! I was thrilled when she said she wanted to do a documentary session. The little moments with your kids at home are the ones that are so fleeting and the ones I want to hold onto the most. It may not seem to most people that your daily lives are worth taking the time to capture. My question to those people is, what do you remember most about your childhood? Is it the big events like birthdays, Christmas and vacations? I’m sure those memories are important ones, they are for me too. But, what I look back on are the ordinary days that had certain repeated rituals, like family dinners, my dad making up a bedtime story for me every night and Sunday dinners at my grandparents home almost weekly. If I could have images of my childhood that helped me visualize those days, they would be priceless. It is the simplicity of life that I hoped I could deliver to Cary and how wonderfully amazing that simplicity could be.

I hope that the images and the slideshow that I created for them will be a wonderful reminder of this time in their lives in the years to come.

Brege Family from Ann Tyer on Vimeo.

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