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Scenes From…A Road Trip

This month we are sharing Scenes from…A Road Trip. My road trip wasn’t one that took us far away. My boys have started to really enjoy fishing with their dad and I love to tag along and make images of them having fun together. Sometimes I have to put a worm on a hook or reel in a fish, but I draw the line at taking the fish off the hook. It’s not that I am too dainty to take the fish off. I just don’t want fish smell all over my camera gear. There was a time when I would spend hours fishing with my friends as a kid. It was one of the perks of growing up with the Neuse River a short bike ride away.

The two images at the end are from a separate trip to the park when I noticed the signs of fall on the trees and pathways. This is most definitely one of my favorite times of year. The light is incredible.

Please check out the images from my friend Erin after you have had a look through mine. I hope you enjoyed going on a little road trip with my family!

boy with wind in his hair by Ann Tyerboy riding in a car by Ann Tyerboy with his hand out a car window by Ann Tyerboys fishing with their dad by Ann Tyerboy with a earthworm by Ann Tyerboys with a freshly caught fish by Ann TyerFall scene from a road trip by Ann TyerSunburst in leaves by Ann Tyer

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