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Favorite 15 of 2015

Last year I was introduced to the idea of picking your favorite images for the year and the amount matches the ending number of the year. Picking favorites is never an easy task for me since I am so critical of my work, but it’s a great exercise to think about what I like and why I like it. I also love seeing what my photographer friends pick from their catalog each year. If you did a favorite 15 in 2015, please feel free to share your link in the comments! I would love to look at what you loved/liked in your catalog this year.

I picked this image because I so rarely take the time to take a self-portrait. It’s an exercise I need to do more often and hope to tackle more of them in 2016.

Ann Tyer Raleigh Family Storyteller

A reminder to always print our work because nothing replaces the sensation of feeling a book or photographs in your hands.

Ann Tyer Raleigh Family Storyteller

If you know me well, then you know one of my favorite things is beer.

Ann Tyer Raleigh Family Storyteller

A visit to the beach always lifts my spirits and is a part of our annual vacation each year.

anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-5

My boys are always a large part of my photography and documenting their childhood makes me so happy.

anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-4anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-6anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-7anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-8anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-9anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-10anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-11anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-12

Flying in the plane with my brother-in-law the day after Thanksgiving has become a tradition. Ian always gets to sit in the front and even gets to fly the plane a little.

anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-13

This boy and his facial expressions.

anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-14

It only seems fitting that I round out the favorite 15 with another image that has me in it. This time it’s baking Christmas cookies with my youngest. I love that he was so excited to help and stuck around for the entire process this time. They usually get bored after 5 minutes. 😉

anntyer_favorite 15 of 2015-15


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