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What is documentary family photography?

Most people think of family photography as the kind where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. You have carefully picked out everyone’s outfit and hope that the kids will behave and sit still for at least a few minutes for the photographer. Documentary family photography is almost the opposite of traditional portrait photography. Everyone dresses just as they normally do, the kids can be themselves and you interact with each other not with the photographer/camera. I work to capture your family just as you are; the happy moments, the unhappy moments and everything in between.

It’s important to pick an activity or a few activities for your family to do together so you can focus on each other and not on the camera. If we are going to be together for just a couple hours it can be something you do all the time or something you are doing for the first time and want captured. The important part is to be yourselves and to have fun.

I love capturing families in their home. This is where you create some of your most precious memories. You and your children will remember how these rooms looked and smelled for the rest of your lives. I would love to help create a time capsule of your life right now. It will be a way for everyone to hold onto this moment in time forever through images. Consider our time together as creating a family heirloom. Twenty years from now everyone can look back and remember with ease what this time in  your lives was like without trying to clear out the memory cobwebs that build as we grow older.

If you would like to see some examples of what a documentary family session can look like, please take a look at my featured sessions. You can also see how I use this approach in my own life by viewing the videos I have created of my own family on my vimeo account.